The Piper Legacy

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The Piper Legacy: Deepest Secrets

Cut off from the surface world, the underground city of Oochantaga has thrived for more than four hundred years with the aid of an AI that runs most of their near-future technologies. Now, however, they face a crisis that leads to the starvation of the lower class.

Tasked with helping to build a new greenhouse, 14-year old Kirin Piper, who was once in a position not unlike a princess, has been orphaned and cast out of her home and social circle. In a society where reputation is currency, she is all but cut off from her best friend, and their relationship is tested.

An accident leads to the discovery of a mind-bending truth, one that could be the answer to the city’s crisis. The two friends, along with a new one, begin a journey to expose that truth to the whole city. However, both the city’s leader and the AI stand in their way. What they don’t know is that the deepest secrets still await them…

Future Piper Legacy Projects

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Findor's Empire

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The Other Bunker

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