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Being a writer was something that was never really on my radar. So what led me here? But believe it or not, it was, quite literally, a dream.

A few years ago I woke from a dream that stuck with me. It was about a girl who lived in an underground city, where the surface world was toxic, and uninhabitable. She was responsible for a mining accident that revealed a truth, which started her on a struggle that lead to bigger revelations.
I found myself wanting to tell that story. I floated some ideas with my family through the years, but it wasn’t until a long period without power or internet, and little else to do after a major hurricane that I actually found myself putting words to paper, so to speak. But I found myself enjoying the process. So here we are.

The Piper Legacy Series

Deepest Secrets

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Findor's Empire

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The Other Bunker


"It was the most realistic emotional eruption I think I've ever read. It was perfectly placed, perfectly reasoned, and perfectly executed. You managed to make a female character who's tough yet vulnerable, who's age-appropriate yet mature enough to handle the responsibility endowed upon her at the end of the novel. That's skillful craftsmanship."
"I loved that you took AI in a different direction than world domination. That was a refreshing new take."
Danny R.
Author & BETA Reader
I love how it felt like an onion when I read through it—gradually peeling back layers and layers to get more surprises inside. I thought I had the plot all figured out, then you’d toss a new reveal in there that I wasn’t expecting at all... I like the idea—it reminds me of some of my favorite books I grew up reading."
Maddy D.
Editor & BETA Reader
“It drew me in just because of the suspense factor and that alone did it for me."
Gioncarlo G.
BETA Reader

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